Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Advisory Services

CRX has the ability to originate, develop and implement both Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency projects that are real, long-term and measureable.



Carbon Foot-printing & Emission Reductions Offsets

CRX is specialized in carbon foot-printing services that allows for both individuals and corporations to conduct a complete Green House Gas (GHG) inventory of direct and indirect emissions.



Clean Energy Project Origination

CRX works closely with its technology partners in originating and supporting the development of projects that utilize proven clean technologies.



Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Services

Linked to CRX carbon offset services is our CSR advisory which allows for taking a holistic approach to considering how organizations can assist in both positive social and environmental impacts.

CRX CarbonBank™

CRX CarbonBank™ is an integrated web-based platform where members meet to buy, sell or trade carbon credits and other instruments related to the environmental markets. It is a user friendly interface between Buyers and Sellers, facilitating online settlements and/or OTC transactions. This provides for Assurance, Transparency and Accountability. CRX CarbonBank™ features projects that contribute towards the socio-economic progress of nations.

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