CRX offers services in engineering consulting & carbon consulting. These include energy efficiency projects, sustainability reporting & corporate social strategy.

Our services can be engaged independently or blended for our clients, who encompass: governments, all manner of organizations, as well as individuals.

CRX is a home-grown Singaporean business, also represented in several countries. In Singapore, we work in empathy with the considerations that companies face. We aspire to a value-add for our customers which comes from their gains in profit, & in their brand significance. 

• Getting Carbon Neutral is an important facet of any corporate social strategy.

• CRX CarbonBank™ can help augment or initiate such action.

• We offer you a full range of handpicked, low-carbon projects.

• These are in a spread of 9 types of Carbon Credits & 3 types of Renewable Energy Credits. 

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