CRX CarbonBank™

CRX CarbonBank™ is an web-based platform where members meet to buy, sell or trade instruments related to the environmental markets. It also facilitates the financial aspects of projects related to sustainable development and renewable energy.

The user-friendly interface facilitates Buyers and Sellers, encouraging online settlements and/or OTC transactions. CRX CarbonBank™ is structured for Assurance, Transparency and Accountability. 

Buyers: Members registered as Buyers are from public and private sectors alike. Buyers are organisations or individuals who:

care about and invest in corporate social responsibility via voluntary initiatives

may be subject to international, regional and local regulations

want to reduce their risks related to climate change, energy and resource use through flexible market mechanisms.

Sellers: Members registered as Sellers are owners of different types of carbon credits (which vary by sector and vintage). Sellers:

look to monetize their credits at fair and transparent prices

target to secure prices for future vintages where applicable

seek new business opportunities to attract potential new investors

• are investors themselves, interested to participate in sustainable development projects.

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