CRX CarbonBank™


CRX CarbonBank™ is an integrated web-based platform where members meet to buy, sell or trade carbon credits and other instruments related to the environmental markets. In addition, CRX CarbonBank™ facilitates the finance of sustainable development projects such as those related to Renewable Energy.

 It is a user friendly interface between Buyers and Sellers, facilitating online settlements and/or OTC transactions. This provides for Assurance, Transparency and Accountability. CRX CarbonBank™ features projects that contribute towards the socio-economic progress of nations.

Members registered as Buyers are both from the public and private sectors that:

  • care and invest in corporate social responsibility via voluntary initiatives.
  • may be subject to international, regional and local regulations.
  • may want to hedge their risks related to climate change and other aspects of sustainability through flexible market mechanisms

Members registered as Sellers are owners of carbon credits of varying types by sector and by vintage and which credits are the result of project related activities that have contributed to sustainability and other social benefits and who are:

  • looking to monetize such credits at a fair and transparent price
  • targeting to secure prices for future vintages where applicable, or simply
  • seeking new business opportunities where they could attract potential new investors or be investors themselves interested to participate in sustainable development projects

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