More About Us

Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission is to help our customers intensify their environmental responsibilities owing to their use of resources in commercial activity.

Our Vision is to help foster a conscience of global citizenry through resource management.


About CRX

We bring our customers the unique opportunity to gain resilience & relevance in several ways:

  1. by helping them gain unprecedented vigilance & financial control over their resource use.

  2. helping them substitute materials with sustainable resource substitutes.

  3. a range of Emissions Offset Tools that extend their influence into a world heavily dependent on energy, yet also one assailed by carbon pollution from this dependency.

Our Founders

CRX founders Vinod Kesava, Kes Shotam and Tames Rietdijk have been involved in the environmental markets since its early days. In Singapore, their base country, they are known as the premier solutions provider in this space. The trio pioneered the world’s first online CDM-focussed emission reductions platform (2003). 

Their push to a sustainable future is augmented with IDP & Factor Ten based Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) solutions. CEO Vinod Kesava is a regular presence in the field of carbon, more recently as a Speaker in COP 21 (Paris, 2015) and in the Pacific Carbon Forum (Bangkok, 2017).


Our Identity

The Dynamic Lines (orange to red) in our logo symbolise the inter-relationship between our planet’s seven continents and seven seas, assailed by carbon pollution and resource depletion.

The logotype’s strength reflects CRX’s leadership in sustainable and resilient solutions for Governments, Organizations and Private Citizens.

The red dot, above ‘X’, symbolizes the collective mindset of higher thinking, in participation through CRX.