Integrative Design Process

IDP is a state-of-art Research & development study.

It applies a customized approach for shaping the design space and design approaches to the highest specification.

It applies those purchasing or approving design services, as well as design practitioners and those developing a master plan.

It also facilitates the exchange of expertise by and between the design team and consultants, and yields priority-rated solutions from conceptual design to construction, right through to day-to-day operations.

It is holistic and collaborative, intended to flesh out efficiency at every level, illuminating all aspects of a project, and can be used in large infrastructural developments or for a single building, or even policy planning.

CAPEX is reduced at the outset, where precious natural resources are conserved at source. OPEX is reduced as IDP reduces waste and converts what’s left into useful products, and applies sustainably sourced resource substitutes.

Examples are manufacturing/industrial processes and facilities using whole-system or holistic principles.

IDP singularly dispels the myth that being green and sustainable is a costly enterprise.



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