More About Us

Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission is to grow our customers’ global citizenry by intensifying the impact of their environmental efforts

Our Vision is to help foster a conscience of humanity’s interconnectedness through resource management


About CRX

We are able to strengthen our environmentally responsible customers with:

  1. a range of Emissions Offset Tools with multi-faceted benefits.

  2. a Carbon Footprinting Service that guides customers to measure and manage their carbon footprint as they strive towards responsible environmental use.

  3. a holistic resource-efficiency study using IDP (Integrative Design Process). IDP achieves sustainability and savings in CapEx/OpEx, in greenfield/brownfield projects.

Our Founders

CRX founders Vinod Kesava, Kes Shotam and Tames Rietdijk pioneered the world’s first online CDM-focussed emission reductions platform (2003). 

Their push to a sustainable future is augmented with IDP & Factor Ten based Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) solutions.


Our Identity

The Dynamic Lines (orange to red) in our logo symbolise the inter-relationship between our planet’s seven continents and seven seas, assailed by pollution and climate change.

The logotype’s strength reflects CRX’s leadership in climate change solutions.

The red dot, above ‘X’, symbolizes the collective mindset of individuals, participating through CRX.