About Us


The identity’s dynamic lines are symbolic of earth’s seven continents and seven seas.
The strength of the logotype is reflective of CRX’s leadership role and commitment to connecting the world with viable climate change solutions.
The dot, in conjunction with the ‘X’, represents the world collectively and individually, and symbolizes CRX’s strides in providing social awareness and support.

Red and  Yellow represents bloodline and connectivity.
Green represents eco solutions provider.

About CRX

We focus on:

  • Energy management and power density within developments
  • Water harvesting, treatment, management and utilization
  • Space planning and utilization i.e. spatial planning
  • Emission reductions in line with our client’s CSR objectives

With the above focus in mind, Climate Resources Exchange (CRX) is committed to promoting and delivering sustainable development and management solutions that accurately measure our client’s economic, social and environmental performance metrics.

These metrics that are designed and established at the outset, are continually measured for improvement throughout the operational lifetime of the development.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to empower individuals, corporation and other organisations with solutions to engage in ecologically sustainable development practices.

Our Vision is to prevent local and international trans-boundary conflicts over our planet’s finite resources, through integrative whole systems thinking that empowers individuals and corporations and/or other organisations, through time-space compression.


CRX founders, Vinod Kesava, Kes Shotam and Tames Rietdijk have built a reputation globally for commitment to meeting these measures for over 15 years.

This team created the world’s first exchange to trade emission reduction certificates in 2003 through a global online platform for corporations.

The founders’ combined experience of more than 50 years in the emissions trading, and climate markets, include master planning integrative ESD solutions that pave the way for whole-systems thinking and Factor 10 engineering principles.


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