More About Us

Our Mission and Our Vision

Mission: We facilitate your action in environmental sustainability.

Vision: An interdependent humanity working towards the best allocation of our finite resources.

About CRX

CRX is an ecopreneurship of 20 years. 

From Singapore, we negotiate with the international carbon markets to lower emissions and encourage ‘green’ projects. Our instruments include different classes of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates.

Since 2013, we have augmented our business to help organisations achieve high performance sustainability objectives. This, through an application of the Integrative Design Process (IDP). IDP is ‘systems-based’, holistic and collaborative. Its structure enables every member of a project team to contribute. With IDP, previously unconsidered elements can be fleshed out.

For example, in infrastructural and retrofitting projects, we apply these parameters:

  • Energy management and power density within developments
  • Water harvesting, treatment, management and utilisation
  • Spatial planning
  • Emission reductions

Our clients gain efficiency in significant ways. Their ideation is built into the operational lifetime of their projects. They save on energy, natural resources, implementation costs and maintenance. An IDP-infused design is altogether more sophisticated and environmentally conscious! Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, data centers, and public infrastructural projects have benefited from IDP.

Our Founders

CRX founders, Vinod Kesava, Kes Shotam and Tames Rietdijk pioneered the world’s first online emission reductions platform (2003). Their experience in emissions trading and climate markets is extensive.

This push to a sustainable future is augmented with IDP & Factor 10 based ESG solutions.

Our Identity

The Dynamic lines in orange to red symbolise the inter-relationship between our planet’s seven continents and seven seas, assailed by pollution and climate change.

The logotype’s strength reflects CRX’s leadership in climate change solutions.

The red dot, above ‘X’, represents the dynamic individuals, participating in sustainability, through CRX.