What We Do


Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Advisory Services

CRX has the ability to originate, develop and implement both Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency projects that are real, long-term and measureable. Through specific methodologies developed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that can now be universally used for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Voluntary (VCS) and Gold Standard development, these projects are originated with an aim to reduce emissions as well as provide for positive social and economic benefits. These can be originated in developed and developing countries and also in countries where climate change effects have already taken place and therefore require further assistance to adapt to existing conditions and must continue in a sustainable manner (adaptation).

Clean Energy Project Origination

CRX works closely with its technology partners in originating and supporting the development of projects that utilize proven clean technologies, These projects may generate power that is not dependent on the use of natural resources or the combustion of fossil fuels and may also be technologies that recover wasted resources for useful means. These may focus from biogas or waste to energy technologies or projects that convert waste to fuels and is based on the principles of the Blue Economy.


Structured Project Finance

CRX is able to provide structured project finance through debt or equity instruments for projects in the energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy spaces. We also work closely with globally-renowned financial institutions, audit firms and technology experts that are able to assess project viability through the conduct of due diligence on both technical and financial aspects.

Carbon Foot-printing & Emission Reductions Offsets

CRX is specialized in carbon foot-printing services that allows for both individuals and corporations to conduct a complete Green House Gas (GHG) inventory of direct and indirect emissions. The inventory can then be validated under the ISO14064 standard by a 3rd party which allows for complete transparency and discovery of emissions. Through this service we can then advise our clients on solutions for both the reduction of emissions through engaging in the development of Renewable Energy and/or Energy Efficiency projects. Once this is done, our clients can further offset their emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets through the Voluntary or Gold Standard and even Renewable Energy Certificates.


Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Services

Linked to CRX carbon offset services is our CSR advisory which allows for taking a holistic approach to considering how organizations can assist in both positive social and environmental impacts. Depending on each organization’s requirement to demonstrate that they are doing their best in giving back to society, nature and the environment, CRX can provide bespoke solutions to our clients and deliver these in an efficient manner. Organizations that are listed on various global stock exchanges that require a comprehensive report or plan of action produced once solutions have been implemented stand to benefit especially when mandatory laws have been prescribed by the local authorities.

Integrative Design Via Factor Ten Engineering (10xE)

Integrity is a key principle of CRX and this is practiced as a cornerstone principle in dealing and delivery to our clients. It is only therefore fit that a major service we provide is the Integrative Design Process (IDP) that is based on Factor Ten Engineering principles and can be used to master planning developments, townships, cities and regions. Contrary to the common belief that being “green” or “sustainable” means to spend more money, the IDP approach our case studies have been proven to reduce capital expense (CAPEX) at the outset, operational expense (OPEX) over the project lifetime and most importantly reduce the use of precious natural resources such as energy and water at the primary level. At the secondary and tertiary levels, it reduces waste, converts waste to useful products such as feedstock and fuel and finally optimizes efficiency at every level.
Factor Ten Engineering (10xE) aims to help engineers, architects and their clients attack resource-intensive design problems, such as manufacturing/industrial processes and facilities using whole-system or holistic principles in order to produce fundamentally better results. 10xE currently offers design principles and a growing set of case studies over several projects and as pioneered by RMI. Rather than a rigid formula, 10xE is a set of ideas for shaping the design space and design approaches within it.
The IDP approach is meant for those purchasing or approving design services, as well as design practitioners and those developing a master plan. CRX facilitates the exchange of expertise by and between the design team and consultants as well as provides priority-rated solutions. The approach also allows for such solutions to be presented from conceptual design to be followed through from construction through operations.